Serma Clothing™
Brand Identity, Labels, Hang Tag, T-shirts, Packaging, 

Founded in 2017, Serma Clothing™ is a modern and trendy clothing line Sponsored by Dots co. of mainly t-shirts, shirts,   

I created the brand identity system including logo, Labels, Hang Tag, T-shirts, Packaging. The logotype is cool, modern and geometric. The brand icon is aligned with the concept and the meaning of the brand and the definition of Serma ‘‘The needlework’’.

Serma Clothing™ aims to provide simple and high-quality men’s clothing with lower price points by frequently reviewing design details and rationalizing on production. Serma Clothing uses ​​​​​​​high-quality materials and works with top-notch manufacturers in Egypt. The brand has been producing the best of simple and timeless products.  

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